5 secret skin tips from your aesthetician

by Morgan Drummond

While you are in between your regular facial appointments, it’s important to have your own at-home regimen to keep your skin fresh and vibrant. Check out 5 tips from our aesthetician, Amanda, on how you can maintain healthy glowing skin!

1. Tone your skin! “Toning your skin can get oil, dirt and debris that is left behind by your face wash and help restore your skin’s pH balance.”

It is very important to wash away the day and all that makeup every night but just because you wash your face doesn’t mean that your skin is nice and clean… That is where the toner comes in, this is one of the most important aspects of your daily skincare routine. After washing your face make sure to apply your toner, this will assist removing the left behind oils, dirt and debris while restoring your skin’s pH balance and calming the skin before bed.


2. Lemons in your tea and on your face! “Lemon juice exfoliates, lightens and disinfects the skin. Take a small cotton ball soaked in fresh squeezed lemon juice and dab your skin, this really helps with any acne blemishes.”

Most people struggling with acne will spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on different acne treatments but it’s time to stop spending all that money because we have a solution and it’s only a couple cents from your local grocery store… Lemons! Lemons have a few acne fighting features that will save you money and clear up your blemishes. The lemon will push out the oil on your skin thus clearing out your pores. It also acts as an antibacterial by killing any bacteria that lives on your skin even after washing your face.


3. Throw out that bar of soap! “A bar of soap is made to self-dry, those chemicals transfer to your face which will dry out and tighten your skin.”

If you are someone who suffers from dry skin trade in that bar of soap for liquid face wash. Though over the years, bars of soap have become gentler for your skin and are now formulated better, liquid face wash is the best choice. Because of the binders in the bar of soap tend to have a higher pH balance this acts as a drying agent to your skin.


4. Honey, Honey, Honey! “Honey is a great face mask, it is extremely versatile and helps with Acne, Aging and your Complexion.”

Honey has a natural antibacterial agent in it that is great for acne. The antibacterial fights and prevents the blemishes from forcing their way out of your skin. Honey is also loaded with antioxidants, which help so down the aging process. Lastly, honey moisturizes and soothes your skin for a beautiful glowing look.


5. Healthy & beautiful skin! “If you want your skin to be beautiful and healthy; wash your face every morning and night, exfoliate at least 3 times a week, use a gentle face toner, cover your skin with 30+ SPF, moisturize and last but not least, get lots of sleep!”


Want more tips personalized to your specific skin tone? Come in for a facial with any of our amazing aesthetician for a consultation and treatment. Book an appointment today at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/LoginLaunch?studioid=240059.


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