About Us

“We invite you to come visit us to experience our rejuvenating services and become part of the family!” – Maggie Ramirez Malast (Owner) —-
Divine Connections Massage and Spa is a family owned and operated business. Maggie Ramirez Malast and Mercy Terrill are sisters and locals in this community.

Maggie is a graduate of Gaither High School, Florida State University and Sunstate Academy and holds both Massage therapy and Skin care licenses. Mercy is a Graduate of Leto High School, University of South Florida and Sunstate Academy and is a licensed massage therapist. A pair of inspirational sisters, Maggie Malast and Mercy Terrill, achieved their dream of becoming business owners after overcoming obstacles – like physical injury and congenital conditions – to become licensed massage therapists.

With a combined 8 years of experience in the industry, the pair now own their own spa. Both ladies have a clear and personal understanding of the healing benefits of massage. In addition, Mercy was born with Aniridia, a congenital condition in which the eye has no iris. Being legally blind has given her a unique sense of touch enhancing her abilities as a massage therapist.

These two sisters have dedicated themselves to massage therapy and feel very strongly about the health and wellness of their clients. Their mission is to provide first class massage and spa services to customers in need of relaxing, therapeutic, medical and transformative experiences through the assurance of quality massages and facial treatments.

This field is not just their calling, it is their passion! They have a long history of family owned and operated businesses and consider the massage and spa industry to be a perfect fit for their professional lives. They have a desire to make a difference in the community using their knowledge base and skills to do so. Their desire is to become a recognized name in the community through making a positive difference in the lives of their clientele. They wish to leave a positive legacy for their family to carry on, that will continue for generations.

If you are interested in working here please fill out the appropriate application below and bring it into our business at your earliest convenience.

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