The Amethyst Bio Mat Far Infrared Therapy testimonial by Mercy Terrill

Back in the spring of 2005, I had been invited to a friend’s house for an informal presentation on a product called the Bio Mat. This mat was turned on while this medical professional spoke about the science and benefits the mat had and explained what thermotherapy was. At the time, I wasn’t aware that just being in the same room without laying on it could have an effect and even a big impact on me. I felt lightheaded and my body felt very different. The changes that were happening to me at the time  I left the room where the presentation was occurring  left me sitting down and drink some water in a totally different room. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. After the presentation was over, I got to speak with Lori (medical professional presenting the info on the Bio Mat). After Lori asked me a few questions, she explained to me that my body was reacting in a positive way and changing my cardiovascular system flow by dilating my arteries, veins, capillaries, etc  which created  a better flow throughout my body.

My brain was actually getting blood and oxygen more than usual. Lori informed me that my reaction was normal since it had been probably lacking  a dissent blood flow previously. I preceded doing the treatments on the Bio Mat slow at first with short therapy sessions. This was to make sure my body acclimated to this new thermotherapy without any strong detoxification effects. Far Infrared also dilates the lymphatic system as well. This helps to trigger a cleansing effect in the entire body by helping to plush out toxins like lactic acids. I had studied about the human body at a cellular level and how a cell functioned with nutrition. I had no idea that cells reacted to light. Specifically to the sun or the reasons behind it until I started reading NASA’s research on Far Infrared and its effects on cells, specifically living cells. It fascinated me how light, specifically Far Infrared light, effected the individual cells to repair and heal themselves. I could feel the lessening of my pain the more I used the mat.

My swelling in my joints decreased. I had more flexibility and was able to move much more easily then I had been. Let me say here that not being able to bend at your hips because of pain or go up a flight of stairs because your knees are in such an amount of pain it does not support your weight going up one step. Is not something that any one person wants to deal with or live on a daily basis. I know wish I would have had one of these mats when I was in college and almost fractured my back completely. That pain can be just as miserable and incapacitating as well. The mat helps me reduce the immolation along my vertebras which in turn I get a better quality of life.

I get to move without pain and can actually move with range in my joints.

Mercy Terrill

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