What to Expect For Your First Professional Massage

Professional massages have become increasingly common in today’s society, especially since they are directly linked to many health benefits such as soothing muscle soreness, boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and increasing joint mobility. Like myself, many people are still nervous to try out massage. The idea of booking my first appointment seemed a little intimidating. Divine Connections Massage & Spa made my first massage experience so comfortable and relaxing that I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. For anyone hesitant about booking their first appointment, here is what to expect:

#1 A friendly receptionist will greet you with a short intake form to write down your medical history and personal information. I personally recommend using the bathroom before your session begins in case you have to stop midway through your massage.

#2 The massage therapist will greet you and walk you back to your room. The rooms at Divine Connections are beautifully decorated, and play tranquil music to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

#3 Once you are in the room, your licensed massage therapist will begin with a consultation to tailor the massage to your needs. You’ll have this time to advise them of certain areas you’d like them to work on, and even certain areas that you’d prefer them not to touch.

#4 After the consultation, the therapist will leave the room so you can change. Although it’s common to take everything off, it’s suggested to undress to your comfortability. That includes the bra for ladies since it can inhibit your therapist’s ability to work on the back and shoulder muscles. Lastly, you’ll lay on the table underneath the sheet before your therapist knocks to come back in. Therapists use draping techniques — only uncovering the part of the body being worked on — which allows you to be nude underneath the sheet while feeling safe, warm, and unexposed.

#5 Your therapist will guide through the process as you focus on relaxing to release any tension in your body. My therapist, Jerrica, pointed out problem areas that I didn’t even realize I had during my session. Problem areas are typically tight or highly irritable areas of extreme tenderness, such as a knot in your muscles. If you prefer a lighter or deeper pressure, don’t hesitate to ask your therapist. They will adjust to your preferences without hesitation.

#6 Your therapist will let you know when your session is coming to an end and leave the room so you can get dressed. As soon as I stood up there was a noticeable difference. I felt as light as a feather!

#7 Once dressed, you’ll make your way back to the receptionist area to check out. Depending on the length of your session the average tip for a 60 minute session is about $10, but it’s ultimately at the client’s discretion. Make sure to drink a lot of water and stretch your muscles out. Therapists will recommend the distance between appointments depending on each client’s needs, ranging from once a week to once a month.

After your first massage you will see how much of a difference it truly makes to your body! I believe that massage therapist are genuine healers, and they are determined to make the best possible experience out of your massage. So for those people who are intimidated to try it out, don’t be.  Make sure to check out Divine Connections Massage & Spa’s website for more information about our services, promotions, and to book your first visit now!

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