The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

$99 Personalized Father’s Day Special

Treat your dad to a personalized, one-of-a-kind package this Father’s Day and receive a free $15 gift certificate for you!

Here’s how it works. You pick any 3 items from our Father’s Day Special list below to create a personalized package at just $99.

Then you get a free $15 gift certificate with your purchase of a Father’s Day package to either keep for yourself or give to Dad for added enhancements!

$99 Pick Three Package Options


60 minute personalized massage

Massage Enhancements:


Foot, hand or Back Scrub

Hot Bamboo

Far Infrared Therapy:

30 minutes Far Infrared Therapy Session


30 minute personalized facial


Eyebrow Trim and Waxing

Call or Book Online to purchase your personalized Father’s Day Package today!

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