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Buy 3 Get 1 Free Massage Packages

Here at Divine Connections we never do contracts or memberships. Instead, we offer packages at a 25% discounted price. Once you buy a package, your sessions will NEVER expire. Plus, you can share you package with friends and family! Or if you need a gift certificate for an upcoming holiday or event, you can use one of your package sessions for that too. It’s never been easier or more hassle free.

(A 25% discount)

Four 30-minute massages………… $90 (comes out to $22.5 each)

Four 45-minute massages……….. $135 (comes out to $33.75 each)

Four 60-minute massages………. $180 (comes out to $45 each)

Four 90-minute massages……….. $270 (comes out to $67.50 each)

Four 120 minute- massages…….. $360 (comes out to $90 each)


Relaxation Package…….. $99

Our most popular package includes a massage, customized facial and a session on our Far Infrared Therapy Bio Mat. Come in for a 2-hour retreat for a full spa experience.

60-minute massage

30-minute facial

30-minute Far Infrared Therapy Bio Mat


Mini Corrective Facial Series

Looking to get a corrective facial series? For any upcoming big events or if your just looking to improve your skin texture long-term, our facial packages are perfect for you. Enjoy a discounted price for our facial packages, which never expire!

(A 25% discount)

Two 30-minute facials………..  $90 (comes out to $45 each)

Two 60-minute facials………… $135 (comes out to $67.50 each)


Bio Mat Package……………. $45

Enjoy the healing benefits of the Bio Mat. Many of our clients lay on the mat for a half hour before their session. This warms the muscle and gets blood flowing to maximize the therapeutic benefits during your massage.

Four 30-minute sessions…….. $45



*A 20% discount is offered to military, first responders, teachers and medical personal