Why you should pair Yoga with Massage

by Jillian Reilly

Yoga and massage complement each other in the best way possible to maintain a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Yoga is very similar to massage because you’re massaging muscles by bending and breathing space into areas that are tight. Yoga and massage offer a plethora of benefits including stress relief, increased circulation, and improved flexibility.

Everyone endures stress and it’s a part of everyday life. If you are not able to balance your stress levels, it can take a toll on your health. Someone who constantly has a busy schedule and spends a decent amount of time in the same position while using the same muscle repetition will result in spasms of pain and discomfort. Combining yoga and massage will alleviate pain, allowing you to fall in a deeper sleep, increase your physical and mental performance, and give you more energy.

Both yoga and massage detoxify the body and increase the movement in the blood and lymphatic system, increasing the overall circulation. Deep, mindful breaths in yoga and massage allow blood to move through the body at a quicker rate. In turn, this allows the body to make room for oxygen-rich blood while healing any injured muscles and results in lower blood pressure.

Yoga works progressively on increasing the stretching capability of your body while massage supports to enhance the natural lubricants in the connective tissues. They both help to increase a greater range of motion, which helps make everyday activities easier and aids to improve your posture.

The biggest debate for people who enjoy both yoga and massages is which order will reap the best benefits. Massage before yoga will help to warm and stretch your muscles, which will help you to better focus to hold a yoga pose. Whereas massage after yoga will help to stretch out those muscles that were strained from holding yoga poses. Your therapist will help decrease the lactic acid built up from yoga, allowing for a quicker muscle recovery.


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